The Faces of Ryo

Ralph Braun, CSM


C: 425.999.9127


     Ralph Braun has been an engineer, manager, and entrepreneur for many years. A local boy, his formal education was at the University of Washington. He has worked for giant corporations and small start-ups. Some of the interesting projects he has been involved with include optical telecommunications, high-speed fiber optic data bus, wavelength-division multiplexing, computer game multi-player technology, MP3 players, and other medical, consumer, and aerospace products.

     During the course of Ralph's career, he has seen the evolution of technology and process and is now in a position to share the lessons learned. A base of integrity provides a firm foundation for all dealings with customers, subordinates, subcontractors, and vendors. He firmly believes that development needs to be win-win proposition between his company and the customer. He works hard to establish and maintain a relationship of trust and mutual success.

Patricia Cheadle, MA, MPA

Marketing Vice President

C: 206.478.0481


     Patricia Cheadle has made a career of developing business and government organizations and partnerships. A former professor of business and marketing classes at the University of Alaska, she is now applying theory to practice in her role of Marketing Vice President. Her background includes customers such as Boeing, Microsoft, Veteran’s Administration, Seattle Goodwill Industries, Seattle Community Colleges, Seattle Municipal Court, University of Washington, Workforce Development Council, UW Center for Commercialization (C4C), and all 29 federally recognized Native Tribes.

     Ms. Cheadle was appointed the first African American Dean of Business, Engineering, and Technology for the Seattle Community Colleges. During her administration, she introduced new programs in the areas of Business, Law, Health Information Management, Accounting, Lean Manufacturing and Technology. She facilitated the work involved in Seattle Central Community College being named “College of the Year” in 2006. During her tenure as the Dean at the Seattle Community Colleges Ms. Cheadle was nominated by the King County Board as a Trustee for Harborview Medical Center and currently serves as a noted member and chairs the Healthcare and Strategic Planning Committee. She continues to be involved in and work diligently on behalf of several community based organizations.