Services Offered


Ryo Technologies, Inc. is ready to help you with the following services:


 1. System architecture & design (hardware/firmware partitioning)

 2. Circuit design & component selection

 3. Schematic capture (usually grouped with circuit design)

 4. PCB layout (including mechanical allowances & form-factor issues)

 5. User interface design (impacts electrical, mechanical, and firmware)

 6. Firmware design & implementation, including:

     a. Bare metal and/or embedded OS

     b. Base I/O

     c. Signal processing (if required)

     d. Connectivity (Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, etc.)

 7. Hardware test & validation

 8. Software test & validation

 9. Manufacturing readiness planning (programming, serialization, calibration, etc.)

10. Documentation

11. Project management


We can handle complete systems, partial systems, and sanity for hire (an outside pair of eyes to review your project). Give us a call. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your project in more detail.